We hope to answer all of your questions here. If you've got a question and you don't see it listed, hit us up on the contact page. When the contact page is functional; for the nonce, you're just going to have to deal with a sad lack of answers, I guess?

Is this site going to install spyware, adware, malware, or any other kind of -ware?

NO! This site is a barebones, simplistic-as-fuck, single-purpose website that will only do one thing: give you a link to a random pornographic video. We do utilize Google Analytics to see if there's any traffic, and at some point there will probably be an ad, if we don't get bored and give up on monetizing this possible-poor idea for a website, but we absolutely, 100% will not install jack shit on your computer, with or without your consent.

Is this site safe to use?

Short answer: as far as we know, yeah. We don't install cookies, we don't infect you with anything, we just give you a link. However, the reason you're here is not to read a FAQ or admire our unexceptional web-design skills. You're here presumably to watch a random porn video. And that will take place on someone else's website - which we have no control over. We only serve links to websites that we are fairly confident are legit and not evil. But we might be wrong. See the next answer if that bothers you.

Okay, then. What sites do you link to?

Ideally, we'll constantly be adding new ones, because the value of this site exists solely in the pool of possible links you could find when you visit it. Currently, we pull links from xhamster, Tube8, YouPorn, and RedTube. If any of these sites cause you problems, we urge you to let us know. Alternately, if you know of a site we should add, please make the suggestion. Both can be done through our contact page (when we get it written; I'm working on it, but this isn't even enough of a priority to be called a hobby, so that will happen... when it happens).

How does this site work?

The process is very simple. We randomly pick a site from our pool of trusted free porn sites. Then we look at the videos currently on that site's front page, and randomly pick one of those videos, and that is the video that is linked to on the front page. When you click on the link, a super-teeny bit of JavaScript generates a new link, so if it is not to your liking, you can immediately click again, and keep repeating that until you have happy-fun-time or are otherwise satisfied.

I clicked on your porn link and I got something that I find totally offensive! What can I do about that?

Nothing. By definition, random porn is random. If you get something gay, or tranny, or BDSM, or fat, or mature, or whatever happens to be something that you're not into... that's just what you get. That is the risk of picking porn at random; it might not be to your taste. On the other hand... doesn't that kind of make it exciting? We hope so; otherwise, our website would add no value at all. We're toying with the idea of making some sort of category-descrimination that gives you a bit more control over what you end up with, but that's not going to happen unless we make money from this thing. Which is, quite frankly, a bit unlikely.